The Specialized Globe Roll 02 SE in cream/brown

You’d be this happy too if you had just come back from a test ride on this bike!

The Specialized Globe series has arrived at Bicycle Roots! The Globe series was conceived as a reliable, versatile, well-made commuter bicycle. Perfect for riding city streets, their understated, clean lines and classic styling are sure to turn heads.

Bicycle Roots is carrying the entire range of Globe bicycles in various styles and colors. However, there is one that our staff keeps sneaking off with for “test” rides: the Specialized Globe Roll 02 SE. (Ed. Note: OK, let’s be honest here. More than a little bit in love… totally in lust. Don’t blame me, that’s one sexy bike!)

The reason our staff keeps fighting over “alone time” with the Roll 02 SE? It’s more than just the look, although the clean lines, classy brown saddle and matching handlebar grips do make it quite aesthetically pleasing. The Roll 02 SE has been constructed with attention to detail in every way. A handcrafted Reynolds 520 chromoloy steel frame? Chrome headset, fork, and even pedal clips finished with a lovely leather strap? Durable and lightweight Sugino Messenger crank with  42/17 gearing?

Hand-crafted Reynolds 520 steel frame stamp

The frame has been hand-crafted out of Reynolds 520 chromoly for a superior ride without the weight.

But what does all this mean? It adds up to a ride as smooth as the style.  The Reynolds 520 chromoly frame is lightweight yet durable, with a distinctive ride quality unique to steel without the weight. Riding the Roll 02 SE, you can feel the road without feeling the potholes, a feature anyone who spends time on the often-rough roads of New York will appreciate. The moustache-style chrome handlebars allow for a natural arm position and a comfortably upright ride, so you can keep your eyes on the road without craning your neck.

A close-up on the crank and pedals.

The Sugino Messenger crank is heavy-duty for all conditions. The all-weather commuter is sure to appreciate its durability, and its light construction does not weigh the bike down.

Our mechanics love the build on this bicycle. The Sugino Messenger 42-tooth crank has long been favored  by urban riders because it’s lightweight and durable. It’s been designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions without rusting and with minimal wear. In combination with the 17-tooth rear hub, the bike is comfortable to ride whether it is set up as a single-speed or a fixed gear. The gearing is suitable for a wide variety of city terrain and even longer rides. We can also appreciate the Allen key dropouts, which will help keep your spiffy polished aluminum Alex Rims safe from theft.

A closer look at the flip-flop hub

The flip-flop rear hub lets the rider easily change from a single-speed to fixed-gear setup. You can also see the secure Allen key hubs keeping the wheels where they belong.

Nechama Levy, owner of Bicycle Roots, took the Roll 02 on a 25-mile on- and off-road ride from Bed-Stuy to Flushing Meadow Park in Queens. Her verdict? “The Roll 02 is a fast, fun, and super-comfortable ride. The minimalist styling is sure to turn heads wherever you ride—it’s almost as if they designed this bike with New York in mind. From the timeless, logo-free and lightweight frame to the smooth ride quality, it’s everything a city rider could want.”

The Specialized Globe Roll 02 SE is available in size small, medium, and large, in both cream and blue frames. The bike is regularly $990 but in-stock models are marked down to $900 during our special opening sale. Bicycle Roots carries a range of models from the Specialized Globe Series. All are discounted for a limited time to celebrate our store opening, so stop by our store at 1078 Fulton Street or call 718-668-5224 for more details or help finding the bike that’s right for you.

On sale now!

On sale for a limited time! Yes, it was test-ridden with flip-flops and still passed the comfort test with flying colors.