Last week we introduced you to our staff, who each shared two incredible truths and one ridiculous lie about themselves for your amusement. Today, we’ll be setting the record straight, but first, professional mechanic Sara joins in on the fun.


Bicycle Roots mechanic Sara converts a vintage Scwhinn roadster into a single-speed.

We’re proud to have Sara as a member of our team! She’s a recent ex-expatriate, who moved back to the States following a six year stint in Montreal, where she was a founding member of a bicycle co-op.  When not riding her bike, you can usually find her beside the nearest body of water–she’d rather be swimming than doing almost anything else. In fact, she even once swam across Lake Michigan on a dare!

Have fun figuring out which one of these interesting anecdotes is the lie. Now, we’ll reveal the untruths from last week’s blog post, which you might want to re-read to refresh your memory before reading on….
NECHAMA: Although an accomplished mechanic and an expert at quick fixes, Nechama has not yet attained Guinness Book of World Record status for overhaul of a Sturmey-Archer hub. She does, however, appreciate the high quality, durability, and engineering of these hubs and relishes every chance she gets to work on them.
XINTHIA has had many interesting job opportunities, but she has never, in fact, babysat for a famous Hollywood power couple. A girl can dream…

Although talented at arranging product for display at Bicycle Roots, MIKKI did not, in fact, graduate from the Harvard School of Business to develop her keen eye–it’s a natural talent.
Adrenaline-junkie DANNY is an accomplished skateboarder, BMX’er, and parasailer–but hasn’t had the chance yet to dabble in skydiving. That’s next on the list!
JOE may be blond and photogenic, even starring in an ad for his last bicycle shop, but his cinematic career has had yet to take off. Patrick Swayze, if you’re reading this, Joe would really appreciate it if you could give him some career counseling!

Although he possesses uncanny bike-healing skills, JOE lacks the ability to turn a man into a rabbit. He and his pet Steven are as close as man and rabbit can be, and have not let the inter-species communication barrier affect their relationship.

CASSANDRA is an aspiring author who probably writes too many poems that explore the metaphorical possibilities of the bicycle although, she has yet to become sponsored by a bike company. She is however, actively soliciting manuscripts of her poetry as well as her memoir, tentatively titled The Traffic is My Peleton, to both small presses and bike manufacturers.