As they say in the bike industry, “Once you get locked into a serious bicycle habit, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.” One can never be too rich, or own too many bicycles. For those of us with an excess of bike-love and a shortage of cash, there’s the Bicycle Roots End of Season Sale!

After ogling the newest and shiniest models all spring and summer long, serious bicycle aficionados await the arrival of the colder months because they know that they’ll be able to indulge their bike lust without going broke. Bicycle Roots has plenty of 2012 bicycles from Specialized, All-City, Civia, Surly, Montego, and Yuba still in stock and deeply discounted. Act now and save up to $200 on a brand-new ride—but act fast, quantities are limited! While you’re busy shopping our sale, don’t forget to join our mailing list or check-in with Bicycle Roots using the Yelp! App on your mobile device to receive a free gift with your 2012 bicycle.


Looking for a classic city bicycle or a capable all-around commuter? Bicycle Roots has plenty of bikes for you to test ride, from minimalist single-speed road bikes to versatile hybrids to specially-designed cargo bikes capable of carrying your furniture—or your children. Check out the details on some of our on-sale models below.

SPECIALIZED SOURCE EXPERT: The ultimate commuting machine, now $200 off. This bike does it all—a fast all-weather commuting and touring bicycle capable of high speeds, thanks to its premium E5 aluminum frame and 2×10 SRAM Apex compact drivetrain. The Source Expert comes with fenders, an integrated rear rack, and dynamo lighting, eliminating the need to buy bike lights and batteries. With hydraulic disc brakes to ensure quick and reliable braking in all weather conditions, the Specialized Source Expert is equally comfortable on short jaunts around the city or on long treks across the country. Try it once, and your mind will be blown by what a bicycle can do.

WAS $2,000, NOW $1,800

SAVE $200!

Available in black/grey.

SPECIALIZED EXPEDITION: A capable cruiser with a comfortably upright riding position, the Specialized Expedition is a perfect bicycle-about-town. With 7 speeds for easy pedaling, a gel-padded sprung saddle, and riser handlebars, you’ll get wherever you need to go in comfort.

WAS $420, NOW $380

SAVE $40!

Available in red (large) and black (medium).

The Specialized Globe Series:

The Globe series by Specialized has been conceived from the ground-up for urban riders and daily commuters. Specialized Globe bicycles are classically styled with simple, clean lines, and have been designed to suit the needs of each class of urban rider. Many come stock with accessories and components designed for rider comfort and convenience, such as built-in racks or fenders. No matter how your bicycle fits into your world, you’ll find a Specialized Globe series to suit your riding style.

SPECIALIZED GLOBE DAILY bicycles are built for everyday use. Simple and stylish, Globe Daily bikes are ideal for a commuter or regular rider. Most models come with built-in racks and fenders, as well as mounts for additional portage capabilities.

GLOBE DAILY 1: A simple single-speed commuter with an integrated front basket, fenders, and chain guard, the Daily 1 is designed to carry you and your gear around town.

WAS $550, NOW $490

SAVE $60!

Available in Green, sizes Small and Large.

GLOBE DAILY 1, STEP THRU: A simple single-speed commuter with an integrated front basket, fenders, and chain guard in an easy-to-mount step-through design, ideal for shorter riders, less-than-flexible riders, and anyone who wants to ride in a dress.

WAS $550, NOW $490

SAVE $60!

Available in Red, sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

GLOBE DAILY 2: A commuter bicycle featuring an integrated rear rack and fenders. With 8 speeds to tackle a variety of terrain with comfort, whether you’re coasting along the East River waterfront or crossing a steep bridge into Manhattan.

WAS $660, NOW $590

SAVE $70!

Available in Blue, sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

GLOBE DAILY 3: Built with an integrated rear rack, fenders, and chain guard, the Globe Daily 3 has a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internally geared hub for a wide range of gearing options and minimal maintenance.

WAS $830, NOW $745

SAVE $85!

Available in Blue, size medium only.

Black, sizes Medium and Large.

GLOBE WORK: For the commuter who wants a no-nonsense, lightweight, everyday ride. The Globe Work 2012 has 21 speeds, and eyelets for fenders, as well as mounts for front and rear racks so you can customize it to carry your gear.

WAS $440, NOW $395

SAVE $45!

Available in Silver, sizes Small, Large, and Extra Large.

Available in Black, size Small only.

The Globe Roll Series is for the discriminating commuter. With a classic, streamlined style, these bikes are lightweight, simple, and designed for speed.

GLOBE ROLL 01: Do you need a fast bicycle to get to your destination quickly when you’re running late? Then you need the Roll 01! Simple and speedy, the Globe Roll 01 is an easy-to-maintain single speed bicycle with narrow riser bars for squeezing in between traffic and all black components so you’ll look like a ninja.

WAS $660, NOW $590

SAVE $70!

Available in Gloss Murder (glossy black), size Medium.

GLOBE ROLL 02 SPECIAL EDITION: One of our staff favorites, the Globe Roll 02 frame is fashioned from 520 Reynolds steel so it’s light and stiff. With a heavy-duty Sugino Messenger crank and flip-flop rear hub, this bike can be ridden as either a single-speed or a fixed gear.

WAS $990, NOW $890

SAVE $100!

Available in Cream, size Medium only.

GLOBE ROLL 8: With mustache handlebars and a speedy roadster geometry, the Globe Roll 08 has 8 gears for tackling any terrain.

WAS $770, NOW $690

SAVE $80!

Available in Raw Steel finish, size Medium only.

CARGO BICYCLES are specially built to accommodate large loads. Whether you’re planning on hauling a couple of kegs of your latest microbrew experiment to that rooftop party, or you just traded in the family car for a family bicycle, you’ll find a cargo bicycle that will carry you and your gear at Bicycle Roots.

CIVIA HALSTED: A cargo bike with a large front rack, the Civia Halsted can accommodate up to 50lbs. This eye-catching 8-speed cargo bicycle has a 20” front wheel for stability and a 26” rear wheel for speed. With a front disc brake for increased stopping power, the Halsted is a safe and reliable cargo bike.

WAS $1,195, NOW $1,075

SAVE $120!

Available in Avocado Green.

YUBA MUNDO: The Yuba Mundo is a longtail cargo bicycle with a built-in rear rack, capable of carrying up to 450 lbs. You’ll appreciate the 21 gears, which will ensure that you can pedal comfortably no matter how big your load. We love the Mundo for its intuitive, easy-to-handle design, as well as for the variety of accessories available to customize your cargo bike experience. Your Yuba can be easily converted into a family vehicle with children’s seats, grips, and padded cushions. Or use it for cargo with extra-large panniers and utility decks. Bicycle Roots has a full range of Yuba accessories in stock.

Yuba riders are passionate about how their bicycle has changed their lives. Don’t just trust us, check out Momentum Magazine’s great article on the cargo bike lifestyle , and their review of the Yuba Mundo to satisfy your cargo curiosity.

WAS $1,165, NOW $1,050

SAVE $115!

Available in Blue.

NEW AMSTERDAM BIKE CO. MONTEGO DAILY URBAN DUTCH BIKE: Inspired by the classic European city bicycle, the Montego Dutch bike is super easy to mount and dismount. With a comfortable upright riding position, you’ll be able to take in the sights with comfort. The Montego comes with a chain guard, skirt guard, fenders, rear rack, frame lock, and two bright lights. No need to change out of your office clothes—just hop on this bike and go!

WAS $795, NOW $715

SAVE $80

Available in black/mocha, sizes 48cm and 53cm.

CIVIA TWIN CITY: A versatile city bicycle with a vintage-inspired mixte frame and integrated rear rack. Available in step-over or step-thru design with as a single-speed or with an internal 7-speed hub. Super versatile and fun to ride, this bicycle received a stellar review from Momentum Magazine.


Also available as a step-over!

WAS $595, NOW $535

SAVE $60

Available in red. Sizes available: Small and Medium (step-thru),

Medium and Large (step-over)


With seven speeds on an internally geared hub, also available as a step-thru.

WAS $850, NOW $765

SAVE $85!

Available in red. Sizes available: Small and Medium (step-thru),

Medium and Large (step-over)