Even though we’ve closed our storefront temporarily, life goes on behind the papered windows of Bicycle Roots. In preparation for our relocation, we’re cleaning house, organizing our inventory, and deciding which items will move with us to our new location, and which items will be Ebayed out to new homes.

Take this 2007 Sirrus LTD bicycle for example…

Sirrus LTD with drop handlebars

See anything out of the ordinary?

Usually when we’re asked to put drop handlebars on a hybrid bike, we go to great lengths to dissuade the customer, to try to convince him or her that this is a bad idea, that the bike will never quite handle as intended. But this 2007 Sirrus LTD is very different. You see, Specialized Bicycle Components designed the Sirrus LTD as a hybrid bicycle built up on the same frame and fork as its world-famous endurance road racing bike, the Roubaix. When the bike was new, it had flat handlebars, but even then it bore a striking resemblance to a road bike, with its full carbon monocoque construction, responsive steering, and relatively aggressive head tube and seat tube angles- compared to most hybrid city bikes, that is.

As a result, when we found ourselves with a 2007 Sirrus LTD in partially disassembled condition, we decided to remake the bike according to what it had always really wanted to be- a road bike. We updated the bike with drop handlebars, 9 speed integrated shifting, and a new road drivetrain. It’s been fully tuned up, and now it’s ready to rock!

Even though Roubaix bikes start around $2,000.00, our auction of this “Roubaix” bike starts at only $650.00, because the bike has been thoroughly pre-loved (aka: scratched, though there is NO damage to the carbon). In case you’re not in New York City… What’s wrong with you? I mean, in case you’re not in New York City, the auction also includes free professional packaging and Fedex Ground Shipping.

Here’s the link to the auction: 2007 Sirrus LTD “Roubaix” bicycle on Ebay. Click the link to read more about this bike, see lots of pictures, get precise specifications, and see the long list of the bike’s new parts. The auction ends Sunday, December 10th, at 4:33 PM EST. If you want a Roubaix for a small fraction of the cost, check it out!