We’re moving to a new store this winter, and within the next few weeks we’ll be launching a crowd funding campaign on Lucky Ant to raise money for costs associated with the move.

We’re extremely excited to be able to partner with an organization like Lucky Ant, which works with small businesses in your neighborhood, and makes projects happen for the benefit of the entire community. But there’s more to this campaign than chipping in to keep your favorite local bike shop in the neighborhood. We’ll also be offering exclusive coupons, merchandise, services, and experiences as rewards for each pledge. Not only will you be helping us; you’ll help yourself to exclusive rewards that we are providing as a “thank you” to our donors.

In order to make our upcoming Lucky Ant campaign a success, we need to improve our channels of communication. That’s why it’s important that you do all of the following, right now:

We need strong connections with you, our customers and neighbors, in order to build a successful business, and keep a full-service, independent, woman-owned bike shop in the community. Click the links and join us!