Have you had a chance to check out our crowdfunding campaign? We’re raising funds on Lucky Ant, which is a crowdfunding platform that helps small businesses like ours grow. In our case, the campaign is raising funds to defray the costs of signing a lease for our new store.

The way that crowdfunding works is: Unless pledges meet a fundraising target in the allotted amount of time, no one’s credit cards are charged and the business raising funds does not collect any money. As of this writing, our crowdfunding campaign is a success! That means that we’ve reached our funding goal, and we can collect the funds that were pledged. And it’s all thanks to you!

Our crowdfunding campaign ends at 4:00 pm EST on Tuesday, February 19th. You have one more day to make a pledge, chose your rewards, and support Bicycle Roots, a locally owned, independent, full-service bike shop in Brooklyn. We’re offering a wide variety of rewards, like homemade donuts, gift certificates, bicycle art, bike fittings, cycling trips, even limited edition bicycles. Check out all the rewards at our crowdfunding page.

We want to take this chance to thank our customers, friends, and neighbors for your generous support. We can’t wait to reopen and help you with all your biking needs this Spring!