What a great opening day! We saw lots of old friends, and we made lots of new ones. In case you didn’t make it over to our store, here are some pretty pictures to tide you over until we see you in person.

When you walk into the store, you see a row of bicycles. Our showroom fits 70 bikes, thanks to some custom wall-mounted racks made by Lindcraft.

We have over 70 bikes ready to ride in our showroom... That's a lot!

That’s a lot of bicycles!

The store counters were custom made by Get Real Surfaces. They’re concrete with cast-in bike parts.

Our cash register and service department counters are made of concrete with bike parts cast in it. Cool!

Turns out that junk in the parts bin was good for something

The entire store is bright and airy, with tall ceilings and lots of cheerful color.

This bike figurine on the counter used to live in a fish store. We cleaned it before we put it on display, though.

This bike figurine used to live in a fish store. We cleaned it before we put it on display, though.

Our service department is set up and ready to fix flats, adjust brakes and gears, do tune ups, bike assemblies, wheel trues and more! We have the same mechanics you trusted at our old location on Fulton Street. And you know with Bicycle Roots you’ll always get an honest estimate, top-notch work, and friendly treatment.

The Service Department is ready for all your repairs

Vintage bikes? We love ’em!

We have the full line of Yuba cargo bicycles in stock. Mundos, elMundos, and Boda Bodas.

Yuba Mundos, elMundos, and Boda Bodas are all in stock.

You can carry anything. Let us show you how.

And on the opposite end of things, we have Dahon folding bikes small enough to fit in a closet or in the trunk of a taxi.

For those of you with limited space… which is to say, everyone

We’re also proud to be the only NYC dealer for Opus bikes… not to mention one of only three dealers in the United States! We carry Opus’s Urbanista city bikes and their high performance kid’s bikes, such as the amazing Opus Nix.

High performance kid's bikes by Opus and Specialized

We’ve got bikes for kids who like to keep up with their parents

And if you’re looking for a custom road bike, look no further than our Gunnars. Come in and test ride a Gunnar Sport, and let’s talk about your dream bike.

Thank you to a good friend who brought us some bubbly.

We have a limited number of Bicycle Roots team cycling kits available. It’s not an exaggeration to say they’re the freshest in Brooklyn!

Our cycling kits are the freshest around

Get ’em while they last!

Of course we carry all the gear you need for a comfortable, safe, and efficient riding experience. We have a wide range of helmets for urban warriors and road racers alike.

Bern helmets for the ultimate in style and safety

Bern helmets for the ultimate in style and safety

Giro helmets for breathability and speed

Or road helmets by Specialized or Giro for speed

And we have high quality bags, handmade in the USA. We carry messenger bags and backpacks by Vaya Bags and Mission Workshop.

Handmade in NYC and San Francisco

Handmade in NYC and San Francisco

The only thing missing at our new store is you. So what are you waiting for? Come and see us sometime!

Here are our hours:

Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Friday 10:00-7:00
Saturday 11:00-6:00
Sunday 11:00-5:00

We hope to see you soon!