It took some doing to get these awesome Bicycle Roots waterbottles in our store. (Production delays? Check. Shipped across the country not once but three times? Check.) But we’ve finally got ’em.

Behold, the glorious Bicycle Roots waterbottle:

Staying hydrated never looked so good

Staying hydrated never looked so good

Our new shop waterbottles are 24oz. Specialized Purist waterbottles printed with our signature Bicycle Roots logo. Purist bottles are the only waterbottles offering the the flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass. The BPA-free plastic bottle is infused with silicon dioxide, which forms a protective glass-like barrier inside the bottle. This prevents odors, stains, and mold from attaching to the inner surface. The result? Your water always tastes like WATER. Yum!

You can own one of these beauties for only $7.99. Not only that, but a shop waterbottle is free with the purchase of any bike at Bicycle Roots. Did you buy a bike from us before our waterbottles came? Come into the shop and ask for your free waterbottle today*.

Did you make a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign last winter? If so- watch you inbox. We’ll be emailing you shortly with instructions for how to redeem your rewards!

*Customer must provide ID so that we can confirm the earlier bicycle sale.