Yesterday, we received a wonderful delivery: Three beautiful 2013 model year Brompton bicycles, fresh off the boat from England!

One was a special order for a shop customer:

Ari and his Brompton

Ari and his Brompton

Ari ordered a custom S-type 6 speed Brompton bike in an eye-catching yellow & green colorway. This morning he took his new bike for an inaugural ride across the George Washington Bridge. Bromptons are great for New York to New Jersey commutes, and for any trips combining trains, buses, and biking.

The other two bikes we received were for our shop. One is a Demo Model, which we’re keeping on our sales floor for test rides. The other is an M-type 3 speed in Black, which is for sale for $1,409.99.

So there you have it, Brompton lovers. Come in and test ride our demo bike. Fold it. Unfold it. Kick the tires. Take home an order form and use it to build the Brompton of your dreams. Brompton’s current lead time for manufacturing new bikes is 5 weeks- not too shabby!

Or, get instant gratification and take home an M-type 3 speed Brompton today. You don’t need to wait at all when you take home a Brompton bicycle from our stock.

Bicycle Roots is the Brompton dealer of Central Brooklyn. We have Brompton bicycles and accessories in stock. Our skillful mechanics can perform all type of Brompton repairs and customizations. Bromptons are compact, convenient, and comfortable- the perfect bike for a New York City lifestyle. Come in to our shop and see why!