11/29/13 – 12/4/13

For one week only, Bicycle Roots is offering 50% off all Vaya Bags in the store. That’s right! Get half off any Vaya Bag, today through December 5th, 2013.

Vaya Bags are all handmade in Ridgewood, Queens, out of recycled materials like bicycle inner tubes and sailboat awnings. Not only that, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt wore a Vaya Bags messenger bag in the movie Premium Rush. The Vaya messenger bag is *the* prototypical messenger bag for messenger or civilian use.

Vaya Bags are tough enough for messenger use

Joseph Gordon-Levitt rocks a Vaya Bags in the movie Premium Rush

Vaya Bags are tough enough for professional messenger use, but they function just as well for commuters, professionals, and students. With Christmas coming up and Chanukah well underway, Vaya Bags are guaranteed to please any cool cyclist on your holiday list.

Vaya makes messenger bags and messenger-style backpacks in a variety of sizes and colors. Here’s a few of them in our store window:

Vaya Bags in Window

Vaya messenger bags and backpacks in the store window at Bicycle Roots

Vaya messenger bags are roomy, comfortable, and tough. And at Bicycle Roots, all our large Vaya messenger bags come with a separate pad for the shoulder strap, so you can carry heavy loads in comfort!

Vaya bag on shelf

A Vaya messenger bag on display at Bicycle Roots

Vaya doesn’t only make bike bags. They also make fun accessories like this purse, which is made completely out of inner tubes.

Your girlfriend called. She wants this Inner Tube Purse for Christmas.

Your girlfriend called. She wants this Inner Tube Purse for Christmas.

Support local artisans and buy locally made merchandise this Holiday Season!

Ready to buy? Click here for our store hours and location. Don’t wait! This Half Off sale on Vaya Bags ends in 7 days, on December 5th, 2013.

Bicycle Roots will be running weekly specials from here on out, so watch this space for special deals!