Beginning on December 3rd, 2013, we are switching to our winter hours.

Winter Hours:

  • Monday… Closed
  • Tuesday-Friday… 12:00-7:00
  • Saturday… 12:00-6:00
  • Sunday… 12:00-5:00

We will resume extended store hours in the Spring of 2014.

Winter cycling really is good for your heart

Winter cycling really is good for your heart

Now, the season is definitely not over. This year, the North East is expected to see above-average temperatures and very little snow until January. Winter in New York City is usually fairly mild, and you can ride through it with some preparation.

Here are some ideas to make riding a bike in the winter convenient, easy, and fun:

  • Layer up! Dress strategically for the weather. There are many well-informed articles on the internet on how to dress for winter cycling, including this one by Nick James. While everyone has his or her own style, the concepts are universal: Wear a breathable baselayer, a warm mid-layer, and a wind proof outer layer. Cover all your skin. Wear clothing that moves. Heavier is not better.
  • Be Bright! Strap some powerful bike lights onto your bike. With sunset around 4:30pm nowawdays, you will be riding in the dark. If your lights are battery powered, keep a good supply of fresh batteries at the ready. If they are USB powered, keep them charged. And don’t forget to remove your bike lights from your bike when you lock it up, because thieves will steal them.
  • Get Tuned! If your tires, brake pads, cables, or chain are worn out, this is a good time to replace them. A professional bike mechanic can recommend safety improvements for your particular bicycle, so you can handle winter streets with confidence. Ask the mechanic to show you how to perform a pre-ride safety check, so that your bike ride doesn’t include any nasty surprises.
  • Keep Your Bike Inside! Lots of urban cyclists struggle with heavy bicycles that they don’t want to carry up to their apartments. But if you park your bike on the street overnight, the elements will cause it to rust and corrode much faster. It’s all right to park your bike outside once in a while, but you shouldn’t make a habit of it. If you store your bike inside, its components will work better for longer. And that brings us to…
  • Upgrade! What if your old bike too heavy to carry upstairs? What if it has steel wheels and brakes with next-to-no stopping power? If you’ve been tooling around town on a vintage cruiser all summer, now would be a great time to consider upgrading your bicycle to something lighter and higher performance. Winter is the best time of year to buy a new bike. It’s when bike stores put their older inventory on sale, so you can save hundreds of dollars on a new bike. In the spring, those deals will be much scarcer.
That cute vintage bike can't stop at all. Just sayin'.

That cute vintage bike can’t stop at all. Just sayin’.

This is just the beginning. Stop by our store at 609 Nostrand Ave any time, and our staff will be happy to provide their own personal winter-riding tips and tricks. We all ride through the winter- and you can, too!