Did you miss our blog posts? Bicycle Roots has been busier than ever, sometimes a little too busy for regular updates. One thing we’ve been busy with was launching our new website. The new site is now live at www.bicycleroots.com. At the new bicycleroots.com, you can learn all about our store and browse the products that we sell. Soon we will add e-commerce capability to our site so that you can make purchases from our store online.

We also have a new blog, which is at bicycleroots.com/blog.This is where you can find the freshest news and updates from Bicycle Roots. Bookmark it. Write it on your hand. Take a picture with your phone. If you want to know what’s new at the shop, you need to check bicycleroots.com/blog early and often.

Do you want to read our OLD blog? We’re leaving it up here, at bicyclerootsbklyn.wordpress.com. Over time, we will migrate our most popular posts over to bicycleroots.com/blog. For the time being, old news is here, and new news is there.

Now get out and ride!

Photo by Alexandra Uzik for Bushwick Daily.

Photo by Alexandra Uzik for Bushwick Daily